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Please read How Rankings are Calculated.

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How Rankings are Calculated

Ranking points are awarded by competition sanctioning level, category, attendance and gender. The following method will be used to award ranking points:

Every person that finishes at least one climb and turns in their scorecard will earn ranking points. Base points are earned by a person's placement within one's age category. Ties are awarded as such. The base points are multiplied by a factor determined by the sanctioning level of the event and the attendance of the category per gender (see list below).

A person's final season ranking is the sum of their 2 highest ranking points earned.

The base points are:

1st (1,000)2nd (950)3rd (900)4th (850)5th (800)
6th (750)7th (700)8th (650)9th (600)10th (550)
11th (525)12th (500)13th (475)14th (450)15th (425)
16th (400)17th (375)18th (350)19th (325)20th (300)

For any place after 20th, deduct 1 point per place.

The multipliers for each sanctioning level are:

Locals:multiplier is (category attendance ÷ 4) with a maximum of 1.0
Regionals:multiplier is 1.0
Divisionals:multiplier is 2.0
Nationals:multiplier is 3.0

What is the category attendance factor? We chose an attendance value of 4 for determining when a category is considered competitive. For categories with an attendance below 4, their is a 0.25 reduction in the multiplier per absent competitor.

An example:

A local event had 9 female competitors in the Women's Recreational category. Susie placed 1st in that category and earned 1000 x 1.0 = 1000 points. Susie is psyched because she just started climbing a week ago and is climbing better than her boy-friend, Bob! Bob competed in the Male Masters category which was lightly attended and took 2nd out of 3 competitors. Bob earned 950 x 0.75 = 712.50 points.

If you feel that there is an error with your ranking calculation, please email abs(at)usaclimbing.org. If event results are posted but your points are not appearing in the rankings, there are a number of reasons why. If your name appears in the event results with asterisks (*) by it, the points have not been added to your ranking. The likely causes are: (1) you are not a member yet. (2) you are a member, but the gym did not have your member number and your name was spelled incorrectly. (3) you are an SCS member, but you are not an ABS member. (4) the event results show you competing in the wrong age category.