Event Details


Name: CCS 2012 Local- New England (CCS 2012 Comp)
Venue: MetroRock North (Newburyport, MA)
Sanctioning: Local
Track: Youth & Adult
Date: 2012/02/18
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Details Results
Attendance: Overall = 13 , Male = 6 , Female = 7 , Members = 12
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Demers, Neil20612085Male Adult 2,890.000
2* Axelrod, Charles1727948338Male Adult 2,770.000
3Ungarelli, Anthony20612487Male Adult 2,400.000
4Shanaghan, Ryan20603409Male Adult 1,830.000
1Friedman, Theo20612568Male Adult 1,500.000
5DeWitt, Saxon20612059Male Adult 1,280.000
1Metcalf, Olivia7029149Female Adult 2,910.000
2Troisi, Emily20572033Female Adult 2,680.000
3Coghlan, Kearney20606879Female Adult 2,300.000
4Keller, Jenna20612882Female Adult 2,220.000
5Thai, Tricia20612444Female Adult 1,270.000
1Kremer, Sarah20611982Female Adult 930.000
2Margareci, Haley20612118Female Adult 880.000

* Could not find a match on name or ID in the membership database.
** Not a current member, or not a member of the ABS series.
*** Multiple matches found on first and last name. Could not determine member number.
**** Age category does not match what is on file. Must be reconciled in scoring spreadsheet.
Italicized Names indicate a competitor is on a dual-track for Youth and Open categories.
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