Event Details


Name: ABS 13 Local (ABS 13 Comp)
Venue: Tennessee Bouldering Authority (Chattanooga, TN)
Sanctioning: Local
Track: Youth & Adult
Date: 2011/11/19
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Details Results
Attendance: Overall = 34 , Male = 19 , Female = 15 , Members = 34
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Fox, Evan12201642Male Youth-D 3,495.000
2Lord, Koby20600245Male Youth-D 2,085.000
1Stephens, Helen14349226Female Youth-D 2,100.000
2Wood-Prince, Pearl20570747Female Youth-D 540.000
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Elkington, Liam20598026Male Youth-C 3,195.000
2Reed, Jackson20601379Male Youth-C 1,760.000
3Crawford, Jack14346244Male Youth-C 1,170.000
4Calame, Fisher20601453Male Youth-C 1,160.000
1Altman, Madison12159513Female Youth-C 3,490.000
2Gaynor, Cali20596924Female Youth-C 2,980.000
3Wood-Prince, Nell14346541Female Youth-C 2,080.000
4Hager, Avery14347729Female Youth-C 1,370.000
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Lowther, Ryan14346402Male Youth-B 11,085.000
2McClellan, Boone20598077Male Youth-B 9,185.000
3Baldoni, Alexander14345972Male Youth-B 7,790.000
4Pynn, Grayson20601407Male Youth-B 7,090.000
5Beiden, Ryan20598570Male Youth-B 6,175.000
6Melia, Cayden20601470Male Youth-B 5,480.000
1Cole-Conaway, Esther20600414Female Youth-B 11,395.000
2Fox, Anna12141949Female Youth-B 8,095.000
3Lyne, Katie14366885Female Youth-B 4,380.000
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Daily, Zack20571728Male Youth-A 6,000.000
2Beiden, Tyler20598571Male Youth-A 5,080.000
1Mallory, Halley12146182Female Youth-A 9,880.000
2Johnson, Caroline14346530Female Youth-A 3,585.000
3Baker, Eva Marie12206274Female Youth-A 2,685.000
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Hutcherson, Adam12200531Male Junior 17,770.000
2Little, Chris20598017Male Junior 12,885.000
3Muro, Andres20598659Male Junior 12,100.000
4Holmes, Luke14346697Male Junior 5,800.000
5Hanson, AJ14346969Male Junior 2,900.000
1Kinzy, Corinne20600587Female Junior 14,960.000
2Cecil, Olivia14348931Female Junior 13,395.000
3Fogo, Lydia14346529Female Junior 4,590.000

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** Not a current member, or not a member of the ABS series.
*** Multiple matches found on first and last name. Could not determine member number.
**** Age category does not match what is on file. Must be reconciled in scoring spreadsheet.
Italicized Names indicate a competitor is on a dual-track for Youth and Open categories.
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