Event Details


Name: CCS Local 2011 (CCS 2011 Comp)
Venue: Virginia Beach Rock Gym (Virginia Beach, VA)
Sanctioning: Local
Track: Youth & Adult
Date: 2011/04/09
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Details Results
Attendance: Overall = 16 , Male = 12 , Female = 4 , Members = 12
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Brown, Jonathan20571577Male Adult 9,100.000
2Edwards, Erik14396032Male Adult 8,775.000
3* Supe, GabeMale Adult 8,700.000
4Chien, Alan20574825Male Adult 8,450.000
5Anderson, Christopher14395360Male Adult 6,550.000
6* Manning, Ryan14393630Male Adult 6,475.000
7Nicholas, Ben20577162Male Adult 6,425.000
Whitaker, Bailey20577651Male Adult 6,425.000
9Cassidy, Andrew20574658Male Adult 6,275.000
Rogers, Matthew14411106Male Adult 6,275.000
11Elliott, Ryan20574410Male Adult 6,125.000
12* Floyd, AdamMale Adult 5,000.000
1Schreiber, Kimberly20571555Female Adult 8,725.000
2Lugbill, Kelly20574828Female Adult 5,625.000
3Verret, Amy20577841Female Adult 5,100.000
4** Lugbill, StephanieFemale Adult 3,975.000

* Could not find a match on name or ID in the membership database.
** Not a current member, or not a member of the ABS series.
*** Multiple matches found on first and last name. Could not determine member number.
**** Age category does not match what is on file. Must be reconciled in scoring spreadsheet.
Italicized Names indicate a competitor is on a dual-track for Youth and Open categories.
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