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Name: SCS 2011 Regional (SCS 2011 Comp)
Venue: Spire Climbing Center (Bozeman, MT)
Sanctioning: Regional
Track: Youth & Adult
Date: 2011/05/14
Schedule: Tentative SCS 2011 Big Sky Regional Schedule

1st Heat Includes: MYD, FYC, MYB, FJR, MJR

ISO Opens: 8AM
ISO Closes: 9AM
Gym opens for spectators: 9AM

First session of climbing: 9:30AM – 11:30AM

2nd Heat includes: FYD, MYC, FYB, MYA, FYA

ISO Opens: 11:30AM
ISO Closes: 12:30PM
Gym opens for spectators: 12:30PM

Second session of climbing: 1PM-3PM

Awards Ceremony: 4PM

Speed Climbing Session: 4:30PM

Event BBQ: 2PM
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Details Results
Attendance: Overall = 71 , Male = 36 , Female = 35 , Members = 66
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Hadley, Kieran14405498Male Youth-D 100.000
2Tyrell, Cade20568501Male Youth-D 90.000
3Price, Wyatt12204062Male Youth-D 89.510
4Tuckerman, Hudson14351662Male Youth-D 88.000
5Brickey, Eli20570100Male Youth-D 87.255
6Butler, Xander20570352Male Youth-D 81.667
7Hammonds, Devin14347701Male Youth-D 80.686
8Olliff, Jackson20576167Male Youth-D 79.902
1Harmon, Clara20570437Female Youth-D 100.000
2Smith-Driggs, Olivia14346305Female Youth-D 99.000
5* Bennett, SageFemale Youth-D 85.784
6*** Cupal, Kamryn14397833Female Youth-D 80.882
7Knapp, Mckinley20570155Female Youth-D 79.000
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Barron, Charles7609242Male Youth-C 100.000
2Ma'e, Tavray12142789Male Youth-C 97.024
3Dillman, Axel12140713Male Youth-C 77.738
4Hansel, Austin14350488Male Youth-C 77.372
5Bradburn, Weston12139776Male Youth-C 69.130
6Wintersteen, Matthew10174891Male Youth-C 68.178
7LaFleur, Conner7029533Male Youth-C 65.650
8Reavy, Daniel14347058Male Youth-C 63.086
9Wrem, Tristan20572152Male Youth-C 38.230
1Shuman, Ellise7022968Female Youth-C 88.400
2Hammonds, Dallas14347700Female Youth-C 85.733
3*** Cupal, Lienne14397832Female Youth-C 84.000
4Bradshaw, Mae20572113Female Youth-C 83.333
5Perkins, Katrina20576213Female Youth-C 82.000
6Sigler, Delaney20571695Female Youth-C 81.733
7Zabaleta, Lorea14395866Female Youth-C 80.400
8Allen, Aurora20570356Female Youth-C 79.333
9Kohl Wyatt, Anna14399045Female Youth-C 77.733
10Olliff, Juliana20576166Female Youth-C 75.067
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1TRESCO, Ben Isaac12140571Male Youth-B 100.000
2Coleman, Nathaniel7161499Male Youth-B 96.750
3Schwarze, Jack7610733Male Youth-B 86.103
4Bradburn, Cole7022977Male Youth-B 80.721
5TRESCO, Alexander12169804Male Youth-B 79.591
6Stranahan, Austin20577639Male Youth-B 78.000
7Blake, Duncan20575866Male Youth-B 77.000
8Dahlkamp, Christopher20570010Male Youth-B 76.000
9Meador, Thomas7580529Male Youth-B 71.541
1Legg, Sarah7030386Female Youth-B 100.000
2Creel, Bridget14390312Female Youth-B 99.000
3Shuman, Katelin7022967Female Youth-B 98.000
4Wedge, Rachel12159290Female Youth-B 97.000
5Rowe, Fallon14346885Female Youth-B 77.101
6Nieva, Dani7612923Female Youth-B 74.497
7Speranza, Rebecca12163795Female Youth-B 73.121
8Zanker, Vera14410104Female Youth-B 67.378
9KNAPP, SAGE7145215Female Youth-B 62.465
10Wheeler, Maya14348285Female Youth-B 59.511
11* Taylor, FrancesFemale Youth-B 56.831
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Speranza, Dominick7615168Male Youth-A 95.355
2TRESCO, Sam12140572Male Youth-A 87.304
3Abdo, Jonas7601169Male Youth-A 83.324
4Currie, Jack12161403Male Youth-A 82.862
5Drescher, Dylan14346494Male Youth-A 81.000
6Larsen, Palmer12125103Male Youth-A 77.756
7Debelius, Pete20569706Male Youth-A 74.519
8* Peterson, ColterMale Youth-A 73.000
9Wrem, Austin20572153Male Youth-A 71.191
1Perkins, Inge20575483Female Youth-A 100.000
2Nielson, Theresa14348574Female Youth-A 79.234
3Kamm, Hanna20576291Female Youth-A 57.477
4Stone, Kathleen14348335Female Youth-A 51.918
5Fritz, Mikki20572267Female Youth-A 48.585
6Thennis, Shannon14398988Female Youth-A 40.201
PlaceNameIDEvent DivisionPoints
1Pollock, George7575216Male Junior 84.247
1Hafen, Kelzie12162005Female Junior 76.362

* Could not find a match on name or ID in the membership database.
** Not a current member, or not a member of the ABS series.
*** Multiple matches found on first and last name. Could not determine member number.
**** Age category does not match what is on file. Must be reconciled in scoring spreadsheet.
Italicized Names indicate a competitor is on a dual-track for Youth and Open categories.
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