Event Details


Name: ABS 10 Local (ABS 10 Comp)
Venue: The Crag (Franklin, TN)
Sanctioning: Local
Track: Youth & Adult
Date: 2008/12/13
Schedule: Registration - 1.30-3p
Climbing - 3p-6p
Awards & Raffle - 6p-7p
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Details & Format Results
kid-friendly rating: PG-13
divisions split by: Ability with Juniors
amateur division
entrance fee:
open division
entrance fee:
spectator entrance fee: $0.00
preregister by: 2008/07/09
cash prizes: no
trophies to top finishers: yes
gear prizes to top finishers: no
door raffle for all competitors: yes
access fund fundraiser: no
dyno comp held: no
speed comp held: no
slackline event held: no
setters: Chris Danielson, Newton Dominey, Evan Dirube, Thomas Buida
other: Raffle will benefit Soles4Souls.
name: Winter Uprising
judging: Score each other
format: Redpoint
number of problems: 40
points are earned: Per complete send of the problem
number of attempts
allowed per problem:
falls: Falls are only recorded to break ties
final score: Sum of top 5