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Regional Coordinators: Lisa Coyne and Denise Nerison

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Website updated: September 15th, 2011

Regional Coordinators:

Chris Trinidad -
The comp season is now upon us!  A reminder to all the parents out there to get your kids registered as soon as possible.  The first comp in our region is not for another month but it's best to not wait until the last minute to make sure things run smoothly.  Also, you may want to travel to a comp nearby in Oregon, Idaho or anywhere in the U.S. 

 August 18th, 2011

Hello to all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting their batteries recharged for the upcoming climbing season.  As many of you have heard, there have been a few major changes since the end of last season. 
The first is that Emmy Surma has stepped down as a Regional Coordinator.  She is exploring other avenues in the climbing world and decided that she would not be able to fulfill her duties as an RC.  I want to thank her for all of the time and effort she has put in to help make this one of the best climbing regions in the country.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is unnoticed and she always did them with a big smile and patience (Yes, she WAS holding back!).  She will still be around the comp scene so if you see her, give her a big thank you.  Emmy, I will miss you and you will be missed by our new region.  THANK YOU!
You saw that right.  I said NEW region.  USAC has changed the regional boundaries for the upcoming season.  We are now currently known as Region 101 and it consists of Washington and Alaska.  In a nutshell, 2 local comps will be needed to be eligible to advance past Regionals for both ABS and SCS.  Divisionals has been added to the ABS season to mirror the SCS season.  You can still participate in any local across the country and it will count towards Regionals, however, you must participate in your home Regional and Divisional to advance to Nationals.  All of this information will eventually be posted again on this website.  Some day.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about this but again, they will post all the information soon.
As sad as I was to see Emmy step down, I am just as happy to see someone step up.  Introducing your new Co-RC of Region 101, John Dixon!  He has agreed to volunteer his time and try to continue the tradition of GREAT RC's in this region (Denise, Emmy and me.  Ha!).  Thanks, John, for being our next victim.  Say hi when you see him and thank him, too.
The schedule for Region 101 is now set for the ABS13 season.  You can see it at the bottom of this page. 
Listed below that are the Oregon locals for those that are interested.  Miss Avery Cook has stepped up in a big way and agreed to be a Co-RC for the new Region 102 (Oregon-Montana-Idaho).  Until USAC actually changes this Regional page to show the new boundaries, we will continue to post some of their info on this site.   You can contact her at  Thanks, Avery, for taking on this extra responsibility.  You da (wo)man!
Finally, I've been around our climbing community for four years now.  Every year I see the sport growing more and more.  With more competitors that means more of a need for volunteers.  Many parents volunteer at USAC comps and I thank you for that.  We could still use more help.  So, if you have any interest at all in volunteering, please don't hesitate to talk to your home gym if they are hosting a comp or ask John or myself how you can help.  Remember, it's for the kids!  Thanks.
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!
Region 101 (Does anyone like the name WASHASKA?) Co-RC
  • Competitors who are not USAC members will have UNTIL the Tuesday night immediately after their competition BY 11:59p Mountain Time (10:59pm Pacific Time) to register on-line so that scores from that weekend's comp will be counted

  • Please note that USA Climbing Non-Members are NOT eligible to advance to Divisional or National Championships, but are welcome to participate in the Regional Championship with a $5.00 non-member waiver-day pass

  • How do I know what category I am climbing in?Category is based on the climber's birth year at the start of the climbing year (i.e. ABS12 + SCS2011 = 1-climbing year)

    • Youth D: born in 2001 or later
    • Youth C: born in 1999 and 2000
    • Youth B: born in 1997 and 1998
    • Youth A: born in 1995 and 1996
    • Junior: born in 1993 and 1994
    • Born in 1996 or earlier: you may choose to compete as Adult or Youth
    • Born in 1972-1992: further separates into Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, or Open categories
    • Born in 1971 or earlier: further separated into Masters or Open
    • Open Category is open to anyone born in 1996 or earlier
  • ALL competing USA Climbing members must show current USAC Membership card at all local events during check-in. This will hopefully help to alleviate scoring/results discrepancies.

  • VOLUNTEERS WANTED - Parents/Spectators Get Involved! Volunteers are needed at competitions, local and championship. Volunteers help the competitions run smoothly, so sign up during ABS and SCS as a belayer, judge, speed-climb timer, ISO-runner or line-em-upper, scorecard runner, check-in, registration or scoring helper. Please contact the hosting gym or the PNW RC. THANKS in advance.

SCS2012 Season Schedule
Please Note: Gyms require a NEW waiver for each competition, for every SCS exceptions
(information is subject to change)

Climbers, Parents and Coaches, please confirm you/your climber(s) have completed 3-local comps on the SCS Results page
Date Venue Type Website Forms



Local: on-sight



Local: on-sight



Local: redpoint



Local: redpoint



Local: redpoint



Local: on-sight



Local: redpoint






Divisional Championship





2011/2012 ABS13 Season Schedule
Please Note: Gyms require a NEW waiver for each competition, for every ABS exceptions
(information is subject to change)
Climbers, Parents and Coaches, please confirm you/your climber(s) have completed 2-local comps on the ABS Results page
Date Venue Type Website Forms

Sept. 24th, 2011

Alaska Rock Gym - Anchorage, AK

Local: Redpoint

Oct. 15th, 2011

Seattle Bouldering Project - Seattle, WA

Local: Redpoint

Oct. 29th, 2011

Edgeworks - Tacoma, WA

Local: Redpoint

Nov. 12th, 2011

Redmond Vertical World - Redmond, WA
Cassel Rock - Anchorage, AK

Local: Redpoint

Dec. 10th, 2011

Tacoma Vertical World - Tacoma, WA

Regional: On-sight

Jan. 14th/15th

Seattle Bouldering Project - Seattle, WA

Divisionals: On-sight

TBD (Probably
Feb. 10th-12th)


Nationals: On-sight




Local on 10/01/11 - Bend Rock Gym - Bend, OR.
Local on 10/08/11 - Stoneworks - Beaverton, OR.
Local on 11/05/11 - Clubsport - Tigard, OR.
Local on 11/19/11 - Rogue Rock Gym - Medford, OR.

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