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Regional Coordinators: Chuck Kapayo, Phil Carr, John Kelly, Kurt Meister

Great Lakes News

Please visit the new website for regional news, including the Bouldering Regional Championship:

Great Lakes Region (the new region 502)
New England West Region (the old region 502, is now 801)

Most information is now on the new site, however results are still being posted on this site under the ABS tab and then the Results section. Also, if you need to verify your membership, please visit the Members tab on this site.

For news from your regional coordinator, click on your region.

USAC Regions

Division 1:  Puget Sound Cascadia
Division 2:  Northern California Southern California
Division 3:  Mountain West Front Range
Division 4:  The Desert South Central
Division 5:  Midwest Great Lakes
Division 6:  Southeast Midsouth
Division 7:  Capital Rustbelt
Division 8:  New England West New England East