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Regional Coordinators: Kevin Gallagher & Jayme Talbot

New England West News

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Last update: August 25, 2015. Fixed local comp dates

Bouldering 2015/2016 Schedule

New England West Local Comps

Sept 26, 2015 -- Central Rock Gym, Hadley, MA
Oct 3, 2015 -- Rock Climb Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Oct 24, 2015 -- Brooklyn Boulders, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 8, 2015 (Sunday) -- Rock Spot, Peace Dale, RI
Nov 15, 2015 (Sunday) -- The Rock Club, New Rochelle, NY

Check the adjacent regions (New England East and Capital/Rustbelt) for additional comps.

Note: Climbers may compete at any local comp, in any region, to satisfy the two comp minimum requirement for regionals. To be eligible to advance to Divisionals, competitors must compete at their home Regional Championship.

Bouldering Championship Comps

Dec 12, 2015 -- Youth Regional Championship, Brooklyn Boulders, Queensbridge, NY
Jan 9-10, 2016 -- Youth Divisional Championship, Central Rock Gym, Glastonbury, CT
Feb 5-7, 2016 -- Youth National Championship, Madison, Wisconsin

Jan 29-30, 2016 -- Open National Championship, Madison, Wisconsin

Sport and Speed 2015/2016 Schedule

New England West Local Comps

The local comp schedule will be posted in late fall.

Sport and Speed Championship Comps

March 18-19, 2016 -- Open National Championships
May 14, 2016 -- Youth Regional Championships
June 18-19, 2016 -- Youth Divisional Championships
July 14-17, 2016 -- Youth National Championships

Regional Realignment

USA Climbing changed the regional and divisional boundaries effective September 1, 2015. This fall's 2015/2016 Bouldering season uses these new boundaries. Our region is now made up of Western Massaschusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York. New Jersey is no longer part of our region.

Starting this season, there are only two regions within each division. Our new division includes New England West and New England East (Vermont, New Hamphshire, Maine, and Eastern Massachusetts). Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia are no longer part of our division.

Ten climbers will advance from Regionals to Divisionals per gender and category. Then at Divisionals, six climbers per gender and category will advance to Nationals.

The rule for qualifying for Regionals remains the same: You must compete in two local comps, which can be in any region. You will then compete in the Regional Championship in your home region.

The location of your team's gym determines which is your home region. So, if you live in New Jersey, but climb at a gym in New York then your home region is New England West and you will compete in the New England West Regional Championship.

Click here for more information, including the new map.

Any questions or concerns? Post them on the New England West Facebook page or send me email at:

About Our Region

New England West (Region 801) is one of two regions that make up Division 8:

New England West (801): NY, CT, RI, Western MA
New England East (802): VT, ME, NH, Eastern MA

Regional Coordinator

Kevin Gallagher (

Note, the USA Climbing Regional and Divisional map below does not reflect the realignment changes. Click here for the new map.

For news from your regional coordinator, click on your region.

USAC Regions

Division 1:  Washington / Alaska Northwest Northern California
Division 2:  Southern California Southern Mountain Colorado
Division 3:  Midwest Ohio River Valley Mid-Atlantic
Division 4:  Heartland Bayou Southeast
Division 5:  Capital New England West New England East


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