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Regional Coordinators: Kevin Gallagher

New England West News

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Last update: Jan 12, 2014. Divisionals results posted

ABS 16 Youth National Championships

Youth Nationals are coming up: February 13-15.

We rely heavily on volunteers to make sure our events run smoothly and safely. We're still looking for volunteers, please sign-up for a shift or two and help us out. Sign up here.


ABS 16 Divisional Championship Results

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Divisional Championship and made it a success: the volunteers; the Central Rock Gym staff and setting team; and, most of all, congratulations to all the climbers.

The individual and team results are available here. The scoring program bug discovered during the comp has been corrected. So the last column, "Points", is now correct. The finish order of all competitors remained the same.

Rule Changes

The Rules Committee made some significant changes to the rules this year. Here is a summary of some of the more important changes that I've noticed.

This is just a summary -- read the Rulebook yourself too! It's your responsibility to know the rules to avoid disappointment at the comps! Start with Section 1, "Significant Changes - Overview".

  • Section 13.2, "Guidelines for Routesetting and Scoring": This section explains in great detail how holds are scored. There is also an explanation of the route map, which a climber normally only gets to see for a few seconds after their climb.
  • Section 5.28, "Scoring": This has been expanded to more completely describe some of the nuances of scoring, including "control", "positive movement" and "usable surface".
  • Sections 5.18.5-5.18.12: The biggest change here is a clarification that competitors must control the starting hold(s) before using their hands for climbing on any other holds.
  • Sections 6.10.1 (Sport Rankings) and 8.4.1 (Bouldering Rankings): At Regionals, Divisionals and Nationals the finish order for each round is determined first by the number of tops a competitor got followed by the geometric mean of their rank on each route/boulder. Yep, it's a little more complicated than how it used to be done. See the rules for details on the math. Also helpful is 'Reading the results'.
  • Section 7.6.10: Speed competitors are only allowed one false start per round, instead of two.
  • Section 5.25.9: If a speed competitor suffers a technical incident, the other climber does not get to reclimb the route.
  • Section 7.8: If there are any ties among speed competitors advancing to the next round, they shall immediately reclimb the routes.

Again, be sure to read the rulebook for the full and complete rules.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ABS 16 Schedule

The local competition season has ended. Good luck to all New England West climbers in the championship season.

ABS 16 Championship Comps

Dec 6, 2014 -- Youth Regional Championship, The Gravity Vault, Upper Saddle River, NJ
Jan 10-11, 2015 -- Youth Divisional Championship, Central Rock Gym,Glastonbury, CT
Feb 13-15, 2015 -- Youth National Championship, Madison, Wisconsin


Feb 6-7, 2015 -- ABS 16 Open National Championship

SCS 2015 Schedule

New England West Local Comps

Feb 28, 2015 -- Central Rock Gym, Glastonbury, CT
Mar 14, 2015 -- New Jersey Rock Gym, Fairfield, NJ
Mar 21, 2015 -- The Gravity Vault, Upper Saddle River, NJ
Apr 11, 2015 -- The Gravity Vault, Chatham, NJ
Apr 18, 2015 -- The Gravity Vault, Middletown, NJ

Note: Climbers may compete at any local comp, in any region, to satisfy the two comp minimum requirement for regionals. To be eligible to advance to Divisionals, competitors must compete at their home Regional Championship.

SCS 2015 Championship Comps

May 9, 2015 -- Youth Regional Championship, The Rock Club, New Rochelle, NY
Jun 13-14, 2015 -- Youth Divisional Championship, Central Rock Gym, Watertown, MA
July 9-12, 2015 -- Youth National Championship, Stone Summit, Kennesaw, GA


Mar 27-28, 2015 -- SCS Open National Championship, Central Rock Gym, Watertown, MA

About Our Region

The New England West Region (Region 502) is one of three regions that make up Division 5:

  • Capital Region (501): Eastern PA, DE, MD, DC and Northern VA
  • New England West (502): NJ, NY, CT, Western MA
  • New England East (503): VT, ME, NH, RI, Eastern MA

Regional Coordinator

Kevin Gallagher

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