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Regional Coordinators: Chris Trinidad

Washington / Alaska News

Website updated: February 25th, 2015.
Regional Coordinator - Chris Trinidad  Phone - (206) 910-6399
Volunteer Webmaster - Larry Tseng


The first Local event this season will be on March 7th at the Bellevue Stone Gardens gym and will be the same format as last year's Local.  For those that are new this season and that want to participate at Regionals, please be sure to register for a USA Climbing membership and plan on participating in 2 Local comps.  Of course, this applies to any climber who wants to climb at the Regional.

We are happy to announce that the Island Rock Gym on Bainbridge Island has agreed to host a Local event for the first time!  They will be doing the redpoint (old school) format so plan on taking a pleasant ferry ride and then chilling for 3 hours while you climb as many routes as you would like.

2015 SCS Schedule

March 7th - Local at Stone Gardens - Bellevue - Flash.
April 4th - Local at Vertical World - Seattle - Flash.
April 18th - Local at Island Rock Gym - Bainbridge Island - Redpoint.
May 9th - Regional at The Source - Vancouver - Onsight.
June 13th/14th - Divisional at Bend Rock Gym - Bend, OR - Onsight.


Please spend time getting to know the USA Climbing website.  It may be hard to find but almost every question regarding participating in youth climbing can be answered on the website.

Parents and youth, please consider volunteering at these events.  It's a great way to learn about the sport and it helps the comps run more smoothly. 

Thanks to the Northwest regional page for having this great info (see below) that I could copy and paste onto our regional page!  This is good stuff so please read!

Volunteers are always needed at support and get involved!
  • Spotter
  • Belayer (SCS season only)
  • Route judge
  • Speed-climb timer (SCS season only)
  • ISO-runner
  • ISO-coordinator
  • Scorecard runner
  • Registration / check-in
  • Scoring assistant
  • Competitors who do not have a USAC membership will have UNTIL the Tuesday night immediately after their competition BY 11:59pm Mountain Time (10:59pm Pacific Time) to register on-line so that scores from that weekend's comp will be counted.

  • For the infrequent attendee to competitions, a $5.00 per competition, non-member day fee will get you ranked for that competition and will put you in the overall USA Climbing database. However, you are NOT a member and the $5.00 does NOT go towards a membership or the two competition minimum requirement needed to be eligible to compete in Regionals with the opportunity to advance to Divsionals.

  • USA Climbing Memberships: *Please note: These prices include a processing fee paid to a third-party vendor and subject to change.

      • USA Climbing Competitor Membership is $80.00 (includes access to sport, speed and bouldering comps)
      • USA Climbing Supporter Membership is $55.00
      • USA Climbing Coaches Membership is $80.00
      • USA Climbing Route Setter Membership is $55.00
      • CCS Membership is $35.00
      • Make sure your correct HOME REGION is selected on your membership! You must compete in your HOME Regional Championship to be eligible to advance to Divisionals.
      • Memberships need to be renewed annually and are good Sept 1st - Aug 31st
  • USA Climbing youth age categories for the 2014-2015 season:

    Junior: born in 1996 or 1997

    Youth-A: born in 1998 or 1999

    Youth-B: born in 2000 or 2001

    Youth-C: born in 2002 or 2003

    Youth-D: born in 2004 or later

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