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2015-2016 USA Climbing Memberships

Memberships for the 2015-2016 competitive season are now available. Click here to purchase your membership today! Remember, USA Climbing Memberships are valid from September 1 through August 31, annually.

USA Climbing Regional Realignment Plan- Effective September 1, 2015

Beginning September 1, 2015 USA Climbing's Regional and Divisional structure will be reformatted and our geographic boundaries redrawn to allow for a tigther distribution of our membership across all regions. For more details about the realignment and a map of the new boundaries, click here.

USA Climbing Unveils New Website

USA Climbing is currently in the process of transitioning to a new website. During the transition period, we will be running and testing the new website at, but will continue to run the old website at while we work through potential bugs with membership and the online scoring functionality. Read more.

2015 World Youth Championships- Arco, Italy

Congratulations to the 60 climbers that qualified to represent the US Youth Climbing Team at the 2015 World Youth Championships in Arco, Italy. Below is a list of Team USA Finalists and their placements. Click here to view a full list of results from the competition.

Bouldering Results:

Female Youth-A: Margo Hayes- 2nd place, Grace McKeehan- 6th place

Female Youth-B: Ashima Shiraishi- 1st place, Natalia Grossman- 4th place, Brooke Raboutou- 5th place

Male Junior: Nathaniel Coleman- 5th place

Male Youth-A: Shawn Raboutou- 4th place

Speed Results:

Female Junior: Kyra Condie- 11th place, Megan Carr- 12th place, Maddy Morris- 16th place

Female Youth-A: Grace McKeehan- 4th place, Amanda Wooten- 6th place, Sidney Trinidad- 9th place, Erica Meister- 12th place, Claire Buhrfeind- 14th place

Female Youth-B: Arabella Jariel- 6th place, Jamie Dunlavy- 12th place, Ariana Mathews- 14th place, Brooke Raboutou- 16th place

Male Junior: John Brosler- 2nd place

Male Youth-A: Austin Hansel- 7th place, Max Hammer- 9th place, Luke Muehring- 10th place, Gentry Cole- 13th place, Michael Retoff- 14th place

Male Youth-B: Eric Brem- 11th place, Matthew Nunes- 15th place

Lead Results:

Female Youth-A: Margo Hayes- 2nd place, Grace McKeehan- 5th place, Claire Buhrfeind- 6th place

Female Youth-B: Ashima Shiraishi- 1st place, Brooke Raboutou- 4th place

Male Junior: Jesse Grupper- 2nd place

Male Youth-A: Kai Lightner- 8th place

Overall Results:

Female Junior: Kyra Condie- 3rd place (Bronze Medal)

Female Youth-A: Grace McKeehan- 1st Place (Gold Medal)

Female Youth-B: Brooke Raboutou- 2nd place (Silver Medal)

2015 Adaptive Climbing National Championship

USA Climbing, in partnership with Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness hosted the 2nd annual Adaptive Climbing National Championships. Congratulations to all of our competitiors, click here to view the final results.

USA Climbing Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

If there are any topics you'd like the USA Climbing Board of Directors to discuss during one of their their regularly scheduled board meetings, please e-mail with topics or ideas.

All Routesetters

Click here to be directed to the USA Climbing Routesetting website, with all the information you could ever want on how to get certified as a USAC setter! The site also provides details on routesetting clinics, certifications and even how to be a host gym.